No one will read your application except me.

The purpose of this application is to help me decide how to best use my limited resources of time and energy for the maximum positive result.

In other words...If you are selected for the Mantoring program, I want you to be successful. If you are successful, that means I am successful as well.  In order to achieve this I need to screen and carefully select the people I choose to work with, hence the need for this application.

I ask some personal questions here, because I'm actually trying to get to know you.  In the event that I work with you that will be very important.


Take your time.  Think about your answers.  If you are selected, you will receive a follow-up email from my special Mantoring email address.  In that email will be specific instructions.  Then we can get started.

If you are not selected, you will also receive an email.  In that email I may or may not divulge why you were not selected, depending on the circumstances.


Mantoring Application

  • No Nicknames, your full real name. This will not be shared with anyone.
  • Morning - Afternoon - Evening? weekdays, weekends? Etc.
  • Is your need specific, or more complex? Is there a particular area of life you would like to improve, or are you looking for more general assistance? Tell me about it here, be as clear as possible.
  • Time is valuable and I don't want to waste yours or mine. This is your chance to tell me why you are a worthy candidate. How committed are you to improvement?
  • Think about this one...peer pressure? bad habits? Lack of motivation? Acceptance of mediocrity? Tell me what gets in your way the most.
  • I'm looking for Name - Relationship to you - why they were special. Name every one you can think of.
  • Again, Name - relationship - why were they negative. Name them all if there are any.
  • We have all had at least one hero growing up...hopefully. Tell me about them, and why they were your hero. If you never had a hero, tell me that too.
  • Are you married, single, divorced or attached? Who do you live with? Are you a dependent or the primary income earner? WHAT ARE YOUR FAMILY DYNAMICS?
  • Pretty self explanatory. But...if you are a student, what are your career plans and what are you majoring in?
  • Be honest.
  • Full disclosure time. The better I know you, the better chance we both have of success. If you think something is none of my probably is.