What is Mantoring? 

Mantoring is identical to Mentoring, but with an exclusively manly slant. 

I have organically mentored many men in my life.  By ‘organically’ I mean it just happened naturally…usually in the workplace where I would have occasion to get to know people. 

Once people got to know me something would happen;  eventually, inevitably, younger men and sometimes older men would start asking me for advice on a wide array of subjects, they would confide in me, and they would trust me.  In return I would try and help them, and often times…I did.

That’s the thing about advice; it only works when it is received and then applied.  Lots of people seek advice, but only a handful are actually prepared to act on the advice they receive. 

So, with the Mantoring program that I am offering here, I am going to be very picky…very selective on who I work with. 

I have designed an application form to help me weed out people who may not be fully committed or ready to actually make some changes, and after all…if someone wants to be Mantored then it’s obvious that some degree of change is required right?  If everything was hunky-dory there would be no need for Mantoring.  To access the application there is a drop-down link on the main menu bar, or you can :::click here:::

In addition, I have decided to be selective about who I Mantor as a kindness to myself.  Mantoring is an investment of time, intellect, emotion, and experience.  I am going to get to know the men I decide to Mantor, I will come to think of you as friends.  Therefore your results will actually matter to me and I don’t enjoy disappointment.  I want to set myself up for success as much as you. 

So to be clear…not everyone who applies will be accepted in the Mantoring program, sorry.  Time and resources are limited, so I have to make sure that any energy I spend is spent on the most fertile soil. 

How Does It Work?

First, go to the Mantoring application and fill it out, be very thorough.  Submit your application, then wait to hear from me.

If you are accepted, the program will be tailored to your needs based on our conversation.  It will include emails, phone or Skype conversations.  

We will decide together what you want to work on, improve, invent or begin and map out a course of action to accomplish these things.  Then we will set weekly goals and I will hold you accountable to these goals.  Sometimes, just having someone to be accountable to makes all the difference.  Hey maybe you just want someone objective to bounce ideas off, get ideas about how to ask out that girl in your office, or vent at about your day...I'm here for that as well.

The frequency and duration will depend on you, the amount of financial investment and the rate that you invest in yourself also depends on you.  I'm not kidding...it's really up to you.

All payments will be made via paypal.


What can Mantoring help you with?

The sorts of issues Mantoring can help with are many and varied.  Basically…anything that you might go to a trusted friend, Uncle, brother, father, or co-worker about, you can also use the Mantoring program for.  If you have someone like this in your life already, if you can tell or ask them anything without fear of being judged, and you trust their advice, then by all means…go to them. 

If you don’t have someone like this, or if you can see the benefit of getting an objective opinion from someone who doesn’t already know you, then Mantoring may be for you.

Here are some common issues Mantoring can help with, this is just a sample:

  • Gaining confidence
  • improving relationships (all kinds)
  • Social situations (all kinds)
  • Romantic interests
  • Self esteem
  • Physical fitness
  • Unwanted habits
  • Making better decisions
  • Being more manly
  • becoming who you want to be
  • Discovering yourself as a man
  • Being a better dad
  • Being a better brother
  • Being a better uncle
  • Being a better friend
  • Being a better son
  • Being a better boss
  • Being a better employee
  • Dealing with disappointment / defeat
  • job seeking…and finding
  • learning new manly skills
  • Being a better man today…than you were yesterday.