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Welcome to the Manly Resource Center!

I hope you become a frequent visitor to this page, because this is where I will be collecting manly resources as I come across them, shortcuts to help you add tools to your toolbox, while you are on the mission of being a better man today than you were yesterday.

I will have sponsors of this show.  My pledge to you is that the sponsors I have will be thoroughly vetted, they will be products and services that I believe are ACTUAL RESOURCES, things that can help you in some area of your manly life.  I encourage you to make use of these sponsors.  Some of them will have a particular code or website that is associated with this show, these are affiliate links and when you use these links I will receive a small commission.   It is these small commissions and other revenue streams that support this show and ensure that I can keep on doing it.  I thank you in advance for your support.





STUMPTOWN KILTS is the same company that makes the kilts I wear every day!  I have owned other kilts in my life but once I started wearing StumpTown, I have never gone back.  In my opinion they are the finest kilts available.   That’s why I wanted to make them a sponsor, so that my listeners would have access to these great kilts,…and, at a discount!


Get 10% off your on-line purchase by going to, and entering the special code: betterman at checkout.  This will let them know Alf sent you over there.

Here are a few of the features that make Stumptown Kilts the only kilt I will ever own:

kilt-model-embroidery_cropped   Fully Adjustable up to 5 or 6 sizes!

kilt-model-keys_cropped  In front there is this huge, hidden pocket built right in!

kilt-model-pocket_cropped  Different sized pockets, in any available color that you can take off and on, and place where YOU want them to be.

man-woman-kilted-cropped  They aren’t just for men…they also make kilts just for women.

So guys, help support this great sponsor of Being A Better Man by heading over to their website and checking it out.  Don’t forget to use the code:  betterman at checkout, to receive your discount.  I would love it, if you get a Stumptown Kilt to send me a picture of you wearing it.  Here is one of me on top of Half Dome, in Yosemite:




Audible is definitely a resource because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  And all the knowledge in the universe is available for you to learn.  You already consume audio technology, like when you listen to this podcast.  So why not tap into this amazing resource? is the premier provider of digital audiobooks. Audible has over 180,000 titles to choose from in every genre: thrillers, business, romance, comedy, sci-fi and more. Audible titles play on iPhone, Kindle, Android and more than 500 devices for listening anytime, anywhere.

The Offer:

When you use this code:  you receive a  30 day free trial, complete with a credit for a free audiobook download.  THAT’S RIGHT!  You can browse all 180,000 titles and download whichever one you want to get started with.  If you don’t like your first choice, they will exchange it.  When your 30 days is up there is an easy opt-out plan, but I encourage you to keep it going…because it’s totally affordable and well worth it.

To make it even easier for you, each month I will feature 5 different titles that I think could be useful to you while you are out there being a better man.  So when you go to the website using this link:  You can easily search for one of these titles, or, you can explore your other areas of interest.  Either way, it’s a great deal, and it’s a great way to support the Being A Better Man Podcast!

Here are the 5 titles I recommend for this month:

The Confidence Gap,  by Russ Harris

How To Deal With Difficult People, by Gill Hanson

How To Talk To Anyone:  92 little tricks for big success in relationships, by Leil Lowndess

The Power Of Habit:  Why we do what we do in life and business, by Charles Duhigg

8 Laws Of Time Management, by Gerald Campbell

Don’t forget to use this link when using this resource:  Thank you.





This is where you become a Patron of the show, this is probably the best, most direct way to lend your individual support for the mission here at Being A Better Man.  Here is how it works;  if you find value in this show, and you would like to support it just click the link below.  You will be taken to the Being A Better Man Patreon page.  Over on the right you will see that there are a series of rewards that correspond to different pledge amounts.  My way of saying thank you.    In using Patreon, my intent is to not eventually have podcasts that are full of commercials but rather, a sincere showing of support by the people who consume the content and want to keep it coming.  Thank you in advance for anything that you pledge.

Patreon Video


Affiliates are businesses…people really, that I believe in or do business with myself.  Each affiliate has an affiliate link, when you use this link you get access to that service but it usually comes with a special discount of some kind as well.  Also, when you use this affiliate link you are supporting the Being A Better Man podcast because I get a small commission.  Thanks for checking out the affiliate partners!


Podcast Websites

If you are even slightly thinking of starting a podcast yourself, then I strongly suggest you check out Podcast websites.  They are the company I use for everything!!  They made so that even a technically impaired guy like myself can have a website and run a podcast…it’s super easy and affordable.

When you use the special affiliate link below you will receive either free media hosting and statistics for life…or, $10 off your monthly service for LIFE!

Here is the special affiliate link:

Here is the coupon code you need to receive your discount:   HOSTME

In podcasting I need a reliable scheduling service wether to book guest, or when I am a guest on other shows.  A lot of other people, maybe even you could use something like this in your life especially if you ever have to schedule things with other humans.  The scheduler I use is  Their customer service is amazing, the site is easy to use and has tons of bonus features to make my life a little easier.  If you ever toyed with the notion that you might need a scheduler…this is it.

You can check them out here with this affiliate link, it lets them know Alf sent you.





My new book, FORGING A MAN, is now available on Kindle, here is the link:  Forging A Man




I have revived an old product, a book I wrote based on the journal I kept while I was a contestant on a Reality show in Norway, called Alt For Norge. It was an amazing experience that changed my life in many ways.  I went on to meet my wife because of this experience and even though all this happened in 2012, I continue to be blessed by the experience I had, the people I have met, and the wonderful memories that were created.

Get Alf’s first Book






These are links sent to me by people that think they could be useful.  If you have a useful link, send it to and put USEFUL LINK  in the subject line.


Rehab Recovery offers a free helpline for people suffering from addiction and anger management issues. You can contact Rehab Recovery on 0800 088 66 86. Website: Email:


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