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Thanks for checking out this page, I trust it will answer all your questions about the book launch team.

First…Why?  What is the purpose of a “Launch Team”?

The purpose of the “Launch Team” is tied very closely to the purpose I am writing this book in the first place.  Namely, I want to get this book into as many hands as possible, because I think it can do good in the world.  The Launch Team assists me, in making that happen.

Things have changed a lot in publishing over the years.  Nowadays most books are self published…like this one will be, and most books are bought and sold through Amazon.  An amazing amount of work goes into successfully launching a book, and frankly, I can’t do it alone. I have too many ideas, and I need your unique resources and abilities to help me implement them.

The primary purpose of the Launch Team, is to help me do the things that are necessary to make the book rank higher in Amazon’s algorithms.  The higher it ranks, the more people will see it, the more people that see it…the more people will buy it and ultimately…the more people will read it.  Mission accomplished!

The Launch itself:

The “Launch” of the book is not a singular event, it consist of three phases.

  1.   Pre-launch.  That is the period of time we are in now, while the book is still being put together.  There are lots of little details that need to be wrapped up and nailed down, like the cover itself, finalizing the title and subtitle, formulating an effective launch strategy with you…the launch team.  I will rely heavily on your input during every step of this phase.

  2.   The Actual Launch.  This is the day that it actually goes live on Amazon.  The day people can actually buy the book.  This is a big day obviously, an exciting day.  It’s also the day that a big part of the launch strategy goes into effect.

  3.   Post-Launch.  Three to four weeks after the actual launch is a critical time.  It’s an opportunity to capitalize on all the good things that happened on launch day, expand on them, and catapult the book to success, which means getting it into as many hands as possible.

What You Will Get Out Of It:

If you request to join the Book Launch Team (and get accepted, I can only manage a certain number of people), here’s what you’ll get for your time:

1. An advanced electronic copy (PDF) of the typeset manuscript that you can read before anyone else will get a copy.

2. A free, signed copy of the final product; a finished paperback that you had some influence in.

3. Exclusive access to a private Facebook group, where we’ll share promotion ideas and you’ll have direct contact with me.  I believe magic happens when a group of people collaborate on a common goal.  The Facebook group is where we will do a lot of “group think”.  It’s also where I will bounce design ideas off of you and get your opinions about critical details.

4. You will get the EXPERIENCE!  The opportunity to be part of the behind-the-scenes of a book launch.  The experience could come in handy, if you ever plan on doing a launch of any kind, plus…It should be fun as well.

5. A special mention on my podcast, with a link in the show notes promoting your business – website – blog – book, etc.

6. Your name will be in the actual book, in the acknowledgments section, in an alphabetized list along with your other Launch Team members.

7.  A lifetime discount of 40%, on all future products; books, T-shirts, mugs, whatever I am selling.  If I don’t have 40% margin available, then you will get it at my cost.

What Will Be Asked Of You:

If selected, space permitting…I ask that you agree to:

  • Interact and communicate with myself, and the rest of the Launch Team during the pre-launch phase.  Participate in the little community we create.  Bring your ideas and imagination, we are totally open to experimentation.  Oh, and have fun.

  • In your communities, start thinking about who you might know…or who they might know, you know… people & businesses who would receive value from promoting the book.  I’ve already got some ideas of where to start, but I’ll tell you about that once you are on the list. 

  • Create a “Buzz” in your own sphere of influence.  Basically, spread the word any way you can during all three phases.

  • You will compose a stellar, authentic, honest 5 star review for Amazon.  This is a big one folks, and it needs to happen in the first couple days of the launch.  You will have a prior opportunity to read the content or listen to the stories on my podcast (I’ll post a link to the archives at the bottom of this page).  The key will be having it all ready to go when the time comes.  This is what Amazon’s algorithms likes.

  • Post launch, continue talking about it, posting about it, and thinking of new ways to get the word out during those important couple of weeks.  You won’t be on your own coming up with ideas here, remember the FB group?

  • Above all,  I ask that you take it seriously. Please don’t apply if you don’t have the time or energy during our time together to dedicate to helping get the word out.

Apply Now!


To get started, just write me an email at:, and tell me that you are in.   In that email, if you have any ideas out of the gate I would love to hear them.  Either way, you will receive acknowledgment from me, and if we are filled up, I’ll let you know.

The next step will be to get you on the Facebook group, I’ll send you an invite.

Once I have everyone assembled, and the Launch Team is complete…I will unveil the title to all of you at once, and share where exactly I am in the process so far.  Then, we can get to work.