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174 – Transformation Of A Man



It is Friday once again, and therefore I will acknowledge the sponsor of our Friday episodes; StumpTown Kilts.

You know I was always curious about kilts my whole life.  I would occasionally see someone wearing one and I was never sure what to think about it, but it made me curious.  Also, I noticed that they seemed comfortable, and practical.  I also noticed that everyone, everywhere in the vicinity of a kilted man was turning their head…noticing him as well.  Almost without exception, whoever was wearing the kilt seemed very confident and self assured…you have to be, with that many people noticing you everywhere you go.

Finally about 10 years ago I got my first kilt, and then I understood.  Since then, my kilt of choice is, and will remain, Stumptown Kilts.  They are superbly crafted from the finest, most durable material.  Each kilt is exquisitely designed with innovative features that have you in mind.

I own three of them, in different colors, and I plan on getting more.  As a listener of Being A Better Man you can also own your very own Stump Town Kilt, at a discounted price.  Just go to pick out your kilt, and then when you are checking out enter the code:  betterman, all lower case, all one word, and you will receive 10% off your entire purchase.  Don’t wait, do it today because you know you want to, go to, and don’t forget the code:  betterman.


Ok guys, there are lots of things happening in my life, I have been very busy.  I’m putting a book together, a compilation of all the Wednesday stories from this podcast, and of course their attached lessons. 

I’m pretty excited about this project, I think about a kid finding this book on a dusty shelf 100 years from now…and learning something from it that could help his life.  That in itself is a powerful legacy, not to mention all the people that could get value out of it in the meantime.  You can be a part of this process too.

To get this off the ground I am assembling a launch team.  To find out more about what that is and how you can be involved, there is a landing page that explains it all.  You can find it at: .  You can also find it right here on the website, under the CONTACT ALF menu tab, or, there is a link on the Facebook page as well.  I encourage you to check it out.

OK, so I got a letter a couple days ago from a guy named Mike, in Georgia.  It was a letter thanking me for the podcast, and he went on to explain the ways in which it has helped him in his mission of being a better man every day.  He said he has listened to every single episode…which is pretty impressive.

Like a lot of us, Mike has gone through some challenging times in the past few years.  He had a divorce that left him a half-time single father, on top of that he had a host of medical things going on and a major surgery. 

It’s easy to start feeling down when it seems like the whole world is out to get you, and understandably, Mike was starting to feel pretty low. 

In the middle of his despair, he remembered an analogy I used in one of my very first episodes.  He is using that analogy to turn his life around a little bit. 

As I read his letter I was reminded of that analogy myself.  It’s one of my favorites, and it is upon this analogy that this podcast was constructed…it is foundational in the philosophy here.  So, I thought it was time that I repeat this analogy today for the benefit of those people that have never heard it, and to remind those of you who have.

It is the analogy of the bucket.  Imagine, a five gallon bucket full of water.  That bucket is you.  Now imagine that every day you go to the bucket and drop in one small pebble. 

Every day, day after day you drop one pebble into the bucket.  After a few weeks you look in the bucket, and not much has changed…it’s still a bucket of water, with a few rocks in the bottom of it, but you keep dropping one in every day.

You look in it again a couple months later, now it’s starting to change.  It’s still a bucket of water with rocks in the bottom of it, but you can no longer see the bottom of the bucket.

You continue religiously dropping a pebble in the bucket every single day.  Months pass, maybe even years, but somewhere during that time something miraculous happens.

Over time, the bucket of water has been transformed into something entirely different.  It is no longer a bucket of water…it has become a bucket of stones.

In fact, if you get a hose and try to put more water in it, it won’t go in, it just runs out onto the ground because of all the stones you have put in there over time.

That is exactly how being a better man today than you were yesterday works.  The stones in this analogy represent the choices you make and the things you do everyday to be a better man than you were the day before.

If you keep doing that every day, you are eventually transformed from the man you are when you started, into a better man.  In the process you create new habits and new ways of thinking about yourself, other people, and the world.  You have become a bucket of stone.

Mike took it a step further…he got a bucket for him and one for his son, and each day they make a point of doing something that makes them better than they were yesterday, and they drop an actual stone in their bucket.

If he starts to feel bad about himself he can look in the bucket, see the stones, and remember that he isn’t so bad after all…in fact, he is better, and the proof is lying there in the bucket.

I can’t even imagine what a dynamic man his son will turn into, getting started being a better man at nine…I was much much older when I started paying attention.  But it doesn’t matter how old any of us are when we get started…the important thing is that we start, on this path of perpetual improvement.

I think that’s it for today guys.  Remember to check out that launch team page and what that is about. There is also a link to it below, as well as a link to several other things…including Patreon.  If you click on the Patreon link you will be taken to a page where there is a video I made that tells you all about how you can become a patron of this show.

Now head out into the world and remember to make the time to focus on the things you are doing well, the things you did that make you a better man…they are the stones in the bucket, and they are proof, that you are a better man today than you were yesterday.

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