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154 – The Unwanted Photos Of Richard


The Unwanted Photos Of Richard…

Last Friday’s episode 153, was titled The Red Pill Question, I encourage you to listen to it if you haven’t because today’s episode is kind of a follow up on that one.  Apparently I wasn’t done talking about this stuff…although, I wish I were.

That episode, number 153 was inspired by a link to an article my wife sent me.  Today’s article is also inspired by an article my wife sent me. 

I’ll be honest with you…I did not want to talk about this topic today.  It’s unsavory, disgusting, and kind of gross.  My wife was very persuasive though.  She made me understand that it is actually important enough, and pervasive enough, to warrant it’s own episode.

A lot of men might not know that this is even an issue, because we are not the targets of this behavior.  Sadly, it is men who are the perpetrators of this.

What I am talking about, is when men send completely unsolicited pictures of their penis’ to unsuspecting women.  These pictures are commonly referred to as “Dick Pics”. 

I know, I know…look, I really understand.  The last thing you want to hear about on your way to work is dick pics.  Believe me, it’s the last thing I want to talk about too.  Here’s the deal though, if we are not part of the solution we may be part of the problem.

My wife pointed out that almost every woman she knows, including herself, has received these unwanted pictures at one time or another.  She said when a woman receives one of these, that it wrecks her day.  It’s creepy, it’s an invasion, a violation, it’s just plain gross. 

She went on to calculate that this means about half of the population is getting their day wrecked…by men, and that is really not OK guys.

The article she sent me is called “I didn’t Ask For This” it featured a woman who decided to make a museum exhibit of unwanted dick pics.  She has over 200 of them now.  Here is a link to that article, don’t worry…you can’t really see anything in the article pictures.

Hey if we are the good guys, if we are being better men than we were yesterday, we can’t be doing this.  We have an obligation in fact to be against it.  It’s part of our duty as men to help ensure the safety and security of those around us.

Imagine your sister or some other woman you care about.  She’s online at a dating site or somewhere innocent that has nothing to do with dating.  She starts talking to a guy about something and the next things she knows…BAM, there is a one eyed monster staring at her.

She probably deletes it right away, but she can’t un-see it.  It makes her wonder if she did anything to bring that on, she feels kind of dirty, and her opinion of the entire male gender drops down a couple notches. 

At first, it was hard for me to believe that this is happening on the scale it is, because I would never think of assuming anyone would want to see that unless I was already in a relationship with them, or if it was heading that way and a request was made.  But sadly, it looks like this is happening way more than I had imagined.

If you don’t believe me do your own research.  Start surveying all the women you know and ask them if it has ever happened to them. 

Obviously…if you want to be a better man, don’t be this guy.  However, statistically speaking, the numbers would indicate that a lot of guys listening to this program right now have been guilty of this behavior.  That’s why I’m talking about it.

Why do some guys think this is ok?  In the article the woman being interviewed thought it was just pure harassment, like cat-calling.  She said it was just a way for a guy to exert control and domination over someone else by forcing them to look at his junk.

While I’m sure that may be part of it, I tend to also think that a lot of guys just don’t realize how disgusting it is to women.  Because our brain chemistries are slightly different. 

If a woman sends us a body part picture out of the blue a lot of guys might think it’s pretty awesome.  We might think it’s beautiful, we might feel flattered and interested or aroused. 

So, naturally, it stands to reason that women would feel the same way when receiving such a picture, right?.  The thing is…they don’t.  Instead they feel violated.

Some guys tend to think that what they are packing is really special somehow…like when a woman looks at it she’ll be smitten, enchanted, turned on. She’ll want to know more, she may even want to see the face lurking behind that phallic masterpiece.  Guy’s who think this could not be farther from the truth.

The anonymous nature of the internet has brought about some of the worst behavior in humans.  We can say and do things with no identity, no consequence whatsoever.  But, just because we can…doesn’t mean we should.

The woman in the article also stated that a reason this is happening is because none of these men have ever been confronted.  They have not suffered any consequence. No one has ever told them it is wrong and therefore, they just do it because they can.

That’s the part that got me.  OK, if no one ever told you it was wrong and your weren’t able to figure it out on your own for some reason…OK.  That ends now though, because I’m telling you in no uncertain terms…don’t send unsolicited dick pics to people.

I apologize to those of you who would never think of doing this, it’s still important to know it’s going on though because you have loved ones who may be affected by this. 

I encourage all of you to be a vocal advocate against this kind of behavior…it makes us all look bad. 

Now head out into the world and treat the world and the people in it with care.  Be a better man today than you were yesterday.

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