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151 – The Super Power We All Possess


The Super Power We All Possess…

I’m not sure where I’m going with today’s episode to be honest with you.  All I know is that I have been thinking lately about certain things, trying to come up with answers. 

Remember, I didn’t start this podcast because I had all the answers.  I started it to invite others to travel my journey with me;  the journey of being a better man today than I was yesterday.  So some of these answers and questions we may have to just talk about and come up with the answers together.

Lately I have been thinking about the necessity for this show.  This show obviously attracts a fair number of listeners, people like yourself, who want to be better men.  So it would seem that I am not alone, that my quest to be a better man every day is shared by others.

My question about that is;  why?  Why wouldn’t we naturally default to being better in the first place?  Shouldn’t daily improvement written into our DNA?  Why is this podcast necessary?

The very fact that there are a minority of people like me and you who are making an intellectual decision to over ride our natural inclinations and become better men everyday, says something about our species.

There are probably a thousand different ways to look at this, but what it says to me right in this moment, is that our human species is extraordinary, and rare in nature.

As men, we are not confined to a set pattern of behavior and responses to external stimuli.  As men, we have an ability that is rare in the universe;  we can change by the force of our will alone.    We can change for the better or for the worse, or into whatever we desire, just because we are human. 

When I step back and look at the big picture of the universe and humanities tiny role in it, this fact becomes fascinating to me.  We are just one organism among millions, and we alone possess this incredible ability; to alter ourselves and our environment by the directed force of our will.

The fact that the vast majority of humanity have not realized this yet is irrelevant, it doesn’t change the fact that we humans possess this power. 

Of the 7 billion people on the planet many are in a struggle to survive, their will power is spent finding something to eat.  Many others have been beat into submission and subordination by the by the systems they are a part of.  Others are enslaved by the corporate and economic domination of every aspect of their lives, and the rest of them…have not yet realized they have this power.  Sometimes not knowing, is equal to not having.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility.  It is nearly impossible to un-know something once you have learned it.  You and I and other people who have realized the power of our intellect and will are in the minority, but the fact that we exist gives me hope for all the rest, because what one man can do, another can do.

In talking this out I have answered my question.  The necessity of this show is obvious to me now.  This podcast is one of the places where people can come and receive the knowledge that they have the power to change their own life. 

Like I said, once you know it you can’t un-know it. This knowledge begins to eliminate excuses and empower people with the responsibility of their own improvement. 

Each one of you listening that are on this path then become an example for other people…and that’s how it spreads.  We are all like little light houses on a darkened coast line.  People will gravitate to your light, and when they do, you become an example, a way they can learn for themselves of the amazing power of their own will, simply because they see you live that way.

It is not my intention to freak any body out.  Or to make you feel responsible for everyone else, I’m not suggesting that you begin evangelizing and preaching to everyone you meet telling them to be better people.

All I’m suggesting is that you keep living well.  Be true to yourself and your convictions and stay committed to the mission of being a better man every day than you were the day before.  Keep doing that, stay committed to improving every aspect of your life and you will have an impact on those around you without even trying. 

By virtue of their proximity to you and your life many will notice the difference, and want to emulate you.  They will receive the knowledge of their own power simply by watching you live in yours. 

A fire doesn’t warm a room all at once.  The heat radiates outward gradually from the fire, that’s how it works.  We are the fire.

At times it may be discouraging;  going through the world and seeing all the people who don’t seem to care about being better people, not to mention the ones who seem to choose intentionally, to be bad people. 

That’s why it’s so important to stay focused on yourself, and your responsibility to yourself.  If you become discouraged by the rest of the world it’s because that is where you are focused…instead focus on yourself and the things within your power to change.  The things you focus on are the things that will expand.

OK guys, thanks for listening.  I know I got a little abstract today but sometimes it’s important to talk about this stuff to keep it all in perspective.

Now head out into the world being the author of your own life story.  You have the knowledge, you have the power and will and intellect to do and be whatever and however you decide to be.  Be true to yourself, and don’t stop looking for opportunities to be a better man today, than you were yesterday.


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