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118 – Mentorship, With Guest: Tom Schwab



Today I had the honor of hosting a special guest.

This man grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago, he joined the Navy when he was 17 and by 18 he had already been around the world.  He graduated from the US Naval academy in 1987 and his very first job in the Navy was running nuclear power plants.

He went on to meet his love and get married…in his own words he says that he married up…way up.  Together they have four amazing children, 1 son in law, and two grandkids…so far.

They now reside outside of kalamazoo Mi., he loves to run and has done 7 marathons.  I’m talking of course about the man known as Tom Schwab.

Tom Schwab is now a man who helps other people. 

He helps other people grow their online businesses.  he is the author and creator of a book and an online course called CONNECT; helping people grow their business as a podcast guest.  He is the founder of interview Valet, a concierge level booking service.  He is an expert and authority in the building and marketing of online businesses.

The reason he is a guest on the show today however…is because Tom Schwab’s particular set of experiences and talents have also made him passionate about the topic of mentorship.  A topic that, as you know is very important to me and something that is integral to all of us who want to be a better man today than we were yesterday. 

One reason I have guests is so that you the listener can have the benefit of hearing the opinions of other men…besides me. 

Every man has a unique experience and a unique perspective, Tom Schwab has had experiences I have not had…so they are something I can learn from, and you can too.

Tom Schwab said he would set up a special web page for Being A Better Man listeners, in it he will list several resources he mentions in the episode as well as a digital copy of his book!  You can check that out here:

He definitely brought a lot of value to the topic of mentorship today, here are some highlights:

  • The unexamined life is not one worth living.

  • Success is really all about yourself…but significance, is when you are able to impact someone else.

  • If you want to learn something, one of the best ways is to teach it…but if you want to examine the core values and principles of yourself, and really get to know yourself better…become a mentor.

  • There is no such thing as a one-way mentorship.

  • Every man is one step away from stupid.

  • What’s ordinary to you will be amazing to someone else.

  • Mentoring is about sharing your wisdom, so start figuring out what you have to share, what value you can bring to the world.

Tom Schwab also shared a great analogy about the difference between building a hot rod by yourself, in your garage…as opposed to building it on the front lawn.  It is a great illustration of how mentorship works and how men can help each other.

One great thing I got out of the interview personally is the realization that I need to ask for help more…I need to reach out and make myself more available to the wisdom and help of others instead of trying to do everything by myself.  Thanks Tom…I will start trying to implement that in my own journey.

Alright guys…now head out into the big wide world and be open to learning from other men, if you don’t currently have a mentor a strongly encourage you to find one.  You have me here for starters, I’m always willing to help when I can and I’m just an email away, but get out in the world too, meet people, find a mentor and at the same time…start sharing your unique wisdom with others as well.  It is another fantastic way that we can all be a better man today than we were yesterday.

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