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111 – Don’t Settle For Mediocrity



Today I would like to talk about mediocrity.  Mediocrity has kind of become an institution in human society.  It is a mentality that permeates all walks of life;  our schools, our work places, our relationships, everything.  Anywhere that people are, the spirit of mediocrity is alive and well. 

Mediocrity is that thing that informs our subconscious that we don’t need to try harder, that we have done enough.  It informs us that it’s OK if we aren’t the best at something…as long as we aren’t the worst.  Mediocrity has children being happy to have a C average in school, or sit in the back of the class goofing around instead of being interested and asking questions. 

The spirit of mediocrity is what makes you stop running and walk when the coach isn’t looking.  Mediocrity tells thousands of people every day, while they are at their jobs, to do just enough to stay out of trouble…but no more.

Mediocrity enters our relationships too…it makes us think that there doesn’t need to be joy, adventure and excitement in our relationships…as long as there isn’t conflict, everything is OK.  As long as everyone in the household is doing their chores and the bills are getting paid, every things alright. 

But it’s not alright, what I’m telling you today is that mediocrity is not OK.  There is more to life, much, much more than just getting by.  There is more to life than merely existing from day to day and telling yourself its OK because there are people worse off than you.

To be mediocre, to be average, to be common, has become acceptable these days.  Children are being raised in mediocre homes with mediocre families, in mediocre communities, who enforce the belief in them that they are not special…they are just average, and thats OK.

What I’m saying is…that it’s not OK.  I contend that no human being has to settle for mediocrity, that it is a choice, a state of mind.

I’m a stickler for accuracy and I have to admit that the word average is not entirely relevant to what I’m talking about, because there will always be an “average”.  For example, among all Olympic sprinters there is going to be someone in the middle of the pack, someone in the lead and someone in the bottom, even though they are all incredibly fast. 

Average, technically only means the center, or typical value in any set of data. So in every facet of existence there are averages.

However, there is a big difference between acknowledging the fact that an average exists…and being OK individually with stopping there.

I can already sense that some of your hackles are starting to rise up…I can feel the excuses starting to form already, some of you may be feeling defensive because you think I’m saying that everyone has to be some kind of superstar, that everyone has to be exemplary in every way.  Well, relax, because I am not saying that at all.

Look, I’ll use myself for an example.  There are several areas in which I am average; I have never been a fast runner…my body isn’t built for that, I’m an average runner.  Nor am I particularly good looking…I’m not hideous, but I’m not a movie star either…so I’m about average there.  There are some things I’m well below average at as well; technology for example and synchronized swimming.  Having said all that, the important thing to note is that I do not think of myself as average or mediocre in any way, shape, or form…and neither should you.

It’s not the things we are average at that should define us, rather…it’s what we do with the things we have an aptitude for that matter most.

I believe each one of us were born with certain gifts and aptitudes.  Things we are a little better at than most people.  Likewise, all of us have a choice wether or not to do anything with those gifts and talents.

The message of this episode is about the mentality of mediocrity.  There are people who have wonderful gifts and talents they could share with the world, and they are only prevented from doing that by the mentality of mediocrity that permeates their life.  It tells them it’s not worth the effort, it’s too much work, or they are so steeped in the habit of being mediocre that they don’t feel like they deserve to be exemplary.

This all goes back to looking in the mirror guys.  When I tell you to look into the mirror and make an honest assessment of yourself I’m not just talking about the negative stuff.  I tell you to acknowledge your virtues and identify your weaknesses.  Being able to embrace and celebrate the things you love about yourself is just as important as being able to admit what you need to improve. 

When you are able to do that something magic happens…you are immediately moved out of the average category, you are no longer mediocre…you are no longer a common man because you are capitalizing on your strengths and improving the other things that are within your power to change.  You transform from a common man, to an exemplary man who is improving himself daily.

The second you accept mediocrity as a way of life…that is the exact same moment that you become a common, mediocre man.

I have a wish for everyone listening.  It is my wish that for the rest of your life, every time you walk into a room, Every time you leave your home and go out into the world…you will do so wearing the countenance of an exemplary man. 

You might be listening and think that doesn’t sound like a real possibility because you’re just a regular guy…nothing special, but I’m telling you…it is a possibility.  It all happens between your ears, in that 3 pound mass of fatty gray tissue known as a brain.  Your perception becomes your reality.

So…my challenge for you is to start right now, this minute, thinking of yourself as an exemplary man.  Do not think of yourself any longer as a common man…no worse or better than anyone else.  You have gifts, and talents, and ideas, and opinions that you should share with the world.  You are going to take full advantage of your strengths…and work on improving your weaknesses.  These are not things that a common man does.  A common man lets life happen to him…you, are happening to life.

Well that’s it for today guys.  As usual I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode.  If you love the show and want more, check out how to become a patron by visiting our Patreon page, links will be in the show notes.

Now head out into the world, as an exemplary man.  Put that on like a garment every where you go and do not settle for mediocrity ever again.  Just by doing that, you will be a better man today, than you were yesterday.





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