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108 – Examples Of Manhood



Today’s podcast is another listener inspired episode.  A listener named Rich went through the trouble of going to the website at, and he wrote to me. Now I’m going to talk about what he asked me about.  Don’t forget, that you too can be like Rich and send me your questions and ideas also.

So…Rich said this: 

“I had a thought the other day about how, while the listeners of your podcast are obviously interested and motivated in becoming better men, how would you go about reaching the guys that aren’t similarly motivated? Can they be motivated if they don’t already have that drive? And if not, how do we instill that drive into them, if that is even possible?”

In my opinion, THAT is an excellent question.  Thank you Rich for sending it in.

He’s exactly right, I would agree that the majority of listeners to this show are guys who are already motivated to be better men.  They probably did a search and wound up at my website, they were seeking help in some fashion, or…there might be some who stumbled up on it and it resonated with them, and they just kept listening.  But most of the guys listening are probably interested or motivated in some way, to become better men. 

Hey, while I was talking about this I became very curious…I’m wondering where most of you came from?  I’m going to put a survey or questionnaire or something like that on the Facebook page and I would really appreciate it if you would take a second and let me know how you found out about this show.  But now back to rich’s question.

So…what about the other guys?  How would we go about reaching the men who are not similarly motivated?  That’s a good question, and I think I have the answer.

Here is what I think;  My job, as the podcast host is to bring you content that makes you think, or that reenforces what you already know.  My job is to keep the mission of being a better man in the upper levels of your consciousness, so you remember to act on it.

If I’m doing my job correctly, then you guys are walking around thinking about being better men everyday, better than you were the day before.  All of you, including myself spend a portion of time out in the public, away from our homes and families.  Out there in the world, where these other men are…right?

Rich asked how these men can become motivated if they don’t already have that drive?  My answer is, by seeing you, and me.  By observing men like us who know ourselves, who stand for something.  Men who will not compromise our behavior, our actions, or our speech.  Men who do the right thing.  Men like you who are kind, who share your strength with other people around you. 

These men will see you being a better man, and it will illuminate their own shortcomings by comparison, it will make them curious, and some of them will gravitate toward you simply because they know you have something they don’t.  I have seen that happen many, many times.

Beyond just seeing us, some of these other men will get to know us in some way too, we will have conversations with them.  When that happens it is the most opportune moment to have an impact, by speaking plainly and confidently to them about what you are up to.  If they have questions, answer them.

I have no problem telling anyone that I intend to be a better man every day until I die….and I suggest that you don’t have a problem with that either.

Rich is right, there are a bunch of guys walking the earth who have no motivation or interest in being a better man.  But I believe, that many of these men are living that way simply because all the options were never explained to them.  They are living like they know how to, the way they were shown, the way everyone else in their community may have lived.

Furthermore, it is my belief that the majority of people don’t want to be jerks, or criminals, or people nobody likes, or…even average.  I think almost everyone, if they were given a choice…would choose to be a better person, if they were mentally intact and they knew they could.  Why would anyone choose to be mediocre if it’s possible to be exemplary?  Believe it or not there are people to whom that has never been suggested.

Thats where we come in, you and me.  I think way back like on episode 1 I said that being a man is a responsibility, and an example.  This is where the example part needs to be applied. 

See, simply by living life as a better man every day, and being seen doing it, and talking boldly about it when it comes up…simply by doing those things you become an example for other men.  If they have never been told about the possibility of being a better man, seeing you actually being better lets them know that its possible, it gives them options.

I know I’m kind of a “glass half full” guy, some of you may be skeptical about what I’m saying…but try it on.  If you are being a better man everyday anyways, then you don’t have anything to lose.

Of course there are some guys who are unreachable for whatever reason.  They enjoy not being better men and no one will change their mind…OK, I acknowledge that.  But if that’s true, then isn’t it more imperative than ever to be the best man you can be yourself, and to be an example for as many other men as you can so that these less motivated men will end up in the minority instead of, the majority? 

So that’s the long answer to Rich’s question, the short answer is that it’s our job, yours and mine, the current living generation of men have to be the example for the one coming up, and for the ones who are confused.  In my mind that’s how we instill that desire in them, and I do think it is possible.

Just like I always say…we are making the world a better place, one man at a time.  I’m not doing that guys, we are all doing that, through our example.

I hope that answered your question Rich.  It’s a pretty simple answer, but it’s also profound, and ancient, it has been tested by time down through the centuries, and it works.  True, In the last couple centuries we’ve kind of let it get away from us, as humans…it’s time to take it back now.

Well I think thats it for today guys.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Remember to go to the Facebook page and look for that questionnaire, because I’m really curious how most of you found out about this show.

Also, check out the Manly Resource Center on the website and support the show by checking out our affiliates and sponsors. 

And if you really want to let me know that you value this podcast, head over to my Patreon page and look into becoming a pledged member of the Being A Better Man community.  I just uploaded a new video there that you might enjoy; I’m throwing an ax and hitting things while I talk to you, so go check that out.  


Now head out into the weekend and remember, everywhere you go, no matter what you are doing…in that moment, you are the example of manhood for whoever happens to be watching, so continue to be a better man today, than you were yesterday.


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