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100 – It’s a big deal…


Welcome one and all to the 100th episode of being a better man.  Its a very special episode for me…next Wednesday it will be 101 and then we’ll be moving towards 200, it will be back to work as usual…but for now, for today, I am relishing this accomplishment.

I’ve been wondering what I was going to talk about for the 100th episode, and when ever I thought about it one particular dominant feeling would wash over me every time.  That was the feeling of gratitude.  I am very, very grateful.

I have said it before, but this program truly would not exist without you out there listening.  You are listening from every state in America.  From there, in order of quantity you are listening from Canada, Australia, Norway and the Untied Kingdom.  After that you are listening from all over Europe, Asia, the middle East and Africa…from everywhere in the entire world…except Antartica and Greenland.

Obviously it’s pretty cool to me, knowing that I am getting the message out to all the corners of the earth…but I’m also telling you this just so you will realize that you are not alone. 

Wherever you are listening from can seem like a very solitary place.  It’s just you, your headphones, and me.  But you can also know that there are men all over the world listening to the same message, thinking the same thoughts.  Men who, like you…have decided to be a better man today than they were yesterday.

I am thrilled and humbled at the reach Being A Better Man is starting to have.  Just yesterday I was doing an interview with Thomas Hayes, a famous comedian and author and an extremely dynamic individual, and a future guest.  He lives in Boston, all the way across the country from me, 3,000 miles.  He told me that a friend of his, a woman, actually called him up to tell him about this show and that is how he got ahold of me.

It’s all pretty amazing to me and when I think about it I get a little overwhelmed sometimes by the gratitude I feel toward all of you.  I am so thankful that you are all taking the time to listen, I’m especially thankful for all the feedback I have received.  When I get a letter from someone telling me how this show is making a difference for them, it makes my whole day.  I usually print it out and show it to my wife.  So please, keep the feedback coming, because it makes me very happy and it inspires me to keep going.

So, for this 100th episode, gratitude is number one.  Thank you, each and every one of you.

The next thing I decided I would do is to talk for a few minutes about what exactly this podcast is trying to do, to reiterate the mission, to remind everyone and to inform any first time listeners about why this show exists in the first place.

There are some things I repeat a lot on this show, like “being a better man today than you were yesterday”, and “the things we focus on, expand”, “excuses don’t exists”, “look in the mirror”, “know yourself”, “be honest with yourself”, “it’s no on else’ job”, “personal accountability” etc., etc.  These things that I repeat often are at the core of the message.  There is power in repetition, repetition causes things to be printed on the brain, it makes them easily accessible. 

The purpose of this show is to elevate the idea that you should be a better man each day, to raise it up in the top levels of your consciousness so that as you go through your life these concepts will be easily accessible, you will think about them without trying.  Eventually, they will become a habit and then they are part of you.  You will recognize the opportunities all around you to be a better man…opportunities that might slip right by if you weren’t in the habit of thinking about them.

I have received reports from listeners that it is working exactly how it was designed.  People have told me that after listening to a few episodes they find themselves generating their own thoughts about how they can be a better man…That is so awesome!  That is exactly why I am doing this.

So, why is it important to have men in the world being a better man than they were the day before?  look around…look at the state of humanity on every continent and the state of manhood specifically.  Some places are worse than others but our entire species needs a tune up.  With the advent of technology and other advances men all over the world have forgotten what it means to be a man. 

When that happens, the ones who suffer the most are the children, and then they grow up with no guidance, no direction, and absolutely no idea of what it means to be a man beyond the placement of genitals.  This isn’t important for only boys, little girls need to know what a man is too, and they need to be able to identify a good one when they see him.

Individually none of us have the power to improve or change the world.  All we have power to do is to improve ourselves, one day at a time.  But…when a few hundred, and then a few thousand, and then a few 10’s and 100’s of thousand men all start focusing on improving themselves…when they start focusing on being a better man today than they were yesterday, then something amazing happens…

Collective change starts radiating outwards.  These men become examples for other men, and for their children…those children influence other children.  Slowly, incrementally, the state of humanity itself starts to improve and change.  The world becomes a better place.

It may seem lofty and arrogant to presume to talk about changing the world for the better, but I strongly disagree.  I believe that collectively, it is entirely possible.  Collectively, as a movement, as a tidal force we have the power to do anything, including making the world a better place.

Each and every one of you who listen and apply the being a better man philosophy to your life are a part of that change.  Go ahead and brag about it, tell others, tell your children…put it on your online dating profile;  Hi, My name is ______, and I am making the world a better place, because I am being a better man.

If you are having a hard time believing what I am saying just think about it a minute.  Scale it up in your mind…Imagine, hypothetically, if every man in the world suddenly adopted this way of thinking, if every man was committed to perpetual improvement as an individual and was dedicated to being a better man each day.  If that happened, the world would be transformed in an instant!  That’s how I know its true.

That’s obviously not happening though, so we have to start somewhere, and where we start is with ourself.  That is the purpose of this podcast…to assist you in that effort.  Making the world a better place, one man at a time.

In closing out this 100th episode I just want to say thank you once again to everyone who is listening.  And I also want to congratulate you, because you are making a difference in your life, and by doing so you are affecting the lives of others.  You are being a better man today than you were yesterday, and I for one, am very proud of you.

Now head out into the big world, be vigilant, never stop learning and improving, never stop knowing yourself a little better, and never stop noticing the opportunities all around you to be a better man today than you were yesterday. 

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