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099 – Become A Leader



As you know, if you are a regular listener to this show Friday’s are where I kind of talk about whatever is on my mind, but I do try and keep it relevant to the mission of Being a Better Man. 

In fact, if you ever hear me babbling about something that is not relevant to being a better man I want you to write me immediately and question it, ok?

Whats on my mind today is the fact that this is episode 99.  My next episode on Monday will be number 100.  That’s a big deal for me…it’s a milestone.  When I started this podcast I had no idea how far it would go…but, here we are and its all thanks to you, the listeners. It really has been an incredible journey so far. 

Before I get into today’s episode, I’m going to warn you…it’s a little different, I’ll be talking about an idea that could have great value for you…or maybe not.  It might even sound like a great big commercial, I’m not sure yet, but I hope you bear with me, because what I’m talking about could have tremendous value for some of you and it could play a big part in your journey of being a better man.

When I started this I had no idea what I was doing…I didn’t know anything about websites or mp3’s or microphones or anything.  All I knew was that I wanted to try and make a difference in the world.  I had listened to some podcasts with my wife and I recognized the medium of podcasts as a possible method of conveying a message.

So, in spite of tremendous odds and tremendous ignorance…I went for it.  Here is the part where I tie this in to being a better man.

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from you guys, that’s really what keeps me going…knowing that I am making a difference to someone out there.  Hearing from people that this show has gotten under their skin and now they think before they act, they look for opportunities to be better men every day.  That’s amazing and that is EXACTLY why I am doing this.

All this feedback got me to thinking…beyond the message of the podcast itself, I should share the method.  Perhaps there are those among you out there who also have a message to share with the world, your own agenda that you are passionate about. 

What if this podcast, Being a better man, was able to spawn a few more podcasts by galvanizing a few of you to pick up your own torch and bring your own unique passion to the world in the form of your own podcast?

You don’t have to talk about the same stuff I talk about, it doesn’t even have to be about self improvement at all…it can be about your hobby, your family, or other things that interest you or make you angry or whatever.  Whatever your message is…there will be other people who share an interest in that message.  If you do that, now you have become a leader.  A leader of other people in the discussion of your topic, whatever it is. 

Maybe you are passionate about the life cycle of the beef tapeworm, you find it fascinating for some reason…kinda  weird, but OK…do a podcast about it and find other weirdo’s that think thats really cool.  Now you have become a leader and a community builder…and those are both very manly things to become.

In my case, I simply invited you the listener to join me on a journey I was already on; the journey of being a better man today than I was yesterday.  Now I feel kind of guilty because I may be getting more out of it than anyone else.

When I prepare these episodes and figure out what I’m going to say or talk about, it helps ME be a better man.  It helps me validate and organize my thoughts so that not only you can understand them…but so that I can too.

That’s the way it works.  So whatever your particular topic or passion is, be prepared to become immersed in that thing if you decide to do a podcast about it.

If you are remotely thinking that this sounds like a good idea, then I have something that might interest you.

Like I said, when I started I was starting from scratch, with no prior knowledge.  Then I stumbled upon a new service.  It was brand new, in fact it was in the beta phase.  It was a new concept that was designed to help people who wanted to be a podcaster.

This service did everything different; instead of having all the components of podcasting spread out to different services, each with their own fees and costs…they were a one-stop-shop.  In other words, they do everything in one place.

I didn’t know how to build a website, much less one that would work for podcasting, but the tools they gave me made it pretty easy.  I didn’t know about hosting or html, writing code or anything…and this service made it so that I don’t have to.

Everything is controlled from the administration dashboard of my website.  I still don’t really know what I’m doing…but its all working in spite of that fact because of this amazing service.  The best part is…when there is a problem the technical support staff is the best I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

The name of this service is Podcast Websites.  They have recently launched an affiliate program that allows me to offer this service to you, with a discount.  Not a measly discount either…a lifetime discount.  If you become a podcaster and customer of podcast websites you will receive either free media hosting and statistics for life, or…$10 off your monthly service fee for life!

That is a fantastic deal!  How it works is you just go to  That is a referral link that will take you to the welcome page where you can schedule a consultation to see if this is right for you.  It cost you nothing to do this…It doesn’t matter what country you live in…podcasts are global.

If you do wind up signing up then you use the coupon code HOSTME,  to receive the discount you want, and you are on your way to becoming a podcaster and influencing the world around you.  In addition to that, you will have direct access to me, to ask me anything you need or want to about being a podcaster, I will be your personal podcast mentor if you want me to be.

You can also find all of this information in The Manly Resource Center, in this website menu. 

This might sound like one giant commercial to you…and it kind of is, but it’s also something that I think has tremendous value and potential. 

If even one of you use this link and go on to become a leader in your own area of expertise then I think it is worth it, because that will effect all the other people who eventually become your listeners.

It might not be for everyone…for those of you who don’t think podcasting would be a good fit…there are other ways to become leaders, other ways to share your strength and knowledge and influence the world around you.   We will be talking about some of these ways on future episodes…but today, we are talking about becoming a leader through podcasting.

For those of you who are intrigued right now, who think you might like to look into this further just click on this link and you will be in good hands…the best hands.  I vouch for Podcast Websites 100%.  If I can do it…YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Now head out into the weekend and figure out a way to influence the world around you, be a leader, because thats what men do.  Figure out a way to share your knowledge, strength and passion.  Do that, and you will be a better man today than you were yesterday.

Once again, the link for this special offer is:   and the coupon code to receive your discounts is:  HOSTME


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