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090 – Celebrate The Good Things



Happy Friday to you all!  I am your host, my name is Alf Herigstad…and today is kind of a special day.

Sometimes, when things are going good you just need to talk about it and share it with other people…I’m sharing it with you right now.

First of all, today is episode 90!  That is pretty amazing to me, because it seems like just yesterday I was putting this thing together and getting ready to launch, and now here I am at 90 episodes…just 10 more and we’ll be at 100.  Wow.

You know when I started this, I wasn’t sure if it would stick or not.  I didn’t know what to expect really, but since then the fantastic feedback I have received from you listeners has really made me feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  So, thank you.

The other cool thing that happened, kind of in the same vein…is that at the beginning of this week I went over 100,000 downloads.  That’s one tenth of a million!  That is a number I have been looking for since I started this, and now we have made it…again, thanks to all of you listening. 

Really, I’m just one guy sitting here in the secret man cave talking into a mic…and without all of you listening, that’s all I would be.  Without you guys, there would be no podcast.  I would just be being a better man all by myself…it’s so good for me to know you guys are on this journey with me, and I really can’t thank you enough.

The other cool thing that has happened is this last Monday, the 15th of August 2016, My ninth Grandchild, a girl named Roux,  was born to my son Clinton and his wife Lyndsay.  They are way over in Michigan so I won’t get to meet her for a while, but I’m really looking forward to it.  You may remember Clinton, he was my first guest way back on episode 5. 

So that’s what going on with me today and that’s why I’m in a good mood. 

That’s kind of what I’m going to talk about today, the importance of celebrating the good things that happen in your life.

What is life?  It’s a series of struggles and challenges interspersed with a few good things that happen, if you make them happen.  We spend our whole lives trying to create the good things, striving towards those moments that will elate us, the moments that become memorable and cherished.

The rest of the time we are kind of trudging through life, going to work, taking out the garbage, paying bills, waking up and doing it all over again.  There is a lot of drudgery that goes along with life, you can’t deny it, that’s just part of life..

Aside from the drudgery, there are also the crappy things that happen…the horrible things, the tragedies.  There are things that make you feel like you want to die, and things that just piss you off and wreck your day, and everything in between. 

Nobody likes these things, we all try to avoid them, but they happen anyway…because these too, are part of life.  They are part of the journey.

I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know.  Your alive after all…you know what life is like right?  But, what you may not realize, and what I want to tell you about that is relevant to being a better man is this;  It’s important to celebrate every good thing that happens.  Not just acknowledge it…but celebrate it.

Some of you are wondering why that’s so important…well, think about it.  In life, where good things are sometimes few and far between, when something good happens…that is worthy of celebration for starters.

Secondly, when you celebrate something you are focusing energy on that thing…you are focused on something positive and remember what I always say…the things we focus on expand!  They get bigger, they grow.  So whenever you have an opportunity to focus on something positive you should take it.

Its also kind of a way of giving thanks to the universe, yourself, or whatever powers external or internal that were responsible for making this thing happen. 

Another huge reason to celebrate the good things is that it’s almost impossible to really celebrate alone.  A proper celebration means that you are including the people close to you, the people you care about, you are inviting them to join you in this celebration.  You know what that does?  When you include other people in the celebration of your good thing, now it becomes their good thing too.   It’s like your sharing your good thing, creating a good thing in someone else’ life that would not have been there otherwise. 

So, now hopefully you see what I’m talking about.  By celebrating the good things that happen in life, and including other people in that celebration…not only have you focused your energy on a positive thing, not only have you expressed thanks, you have also made not just yours, but other peoples lives a little better.  And whenever we do that we become a better man today, than we were yesterday.

I’m going to wrap it up there for today. If you are foggy at all about the importance of celebrating the good things that happen just write me a letter. 

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Hey, and if you haven’t done it yet…pick one friend, pick someone you know and tell them about this podcast or send them a link to it.  You guys are the best way I have of spreading the word about it.  Thanks for doing that.

It’s Friday, so head out into the weekend and don’t forget, to celebrate the good things that happen.  It’s just one more way to be a better man today, than you were yesterday.

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