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066 – What Are We Doing Here??


What Are We Doing Here??

This is episode 66…and as I was thinking of what I was going to talk about today I decided it would be a good time to check in and sort of remind everyone what we are doing here.  There are probably lots of new listeners that didn’t hear some of the early episodes where I spelled it all out…and for you regulars, it doesn’t hurt to re-affirm what and why you are doing something…so, what are we doing here?

The show is definitely starting to get some traction, people are becoming aware of it.  Just last week The news organization Hooplaha…the organization that only reports good news, came to my house and shot some video for a piece on their website.  It isn’t out yet, I will let you know when it is, but one of the questions they asked me during the interview is;  why should someone want to be better…what’s in it for them?

I thought that was a great question, an important question…and it really cuts right to the heart of what this show is about.  Because if there isn’t a reason to do something….then why would you do it?  right?

Back when I was still figuring out how to do a podcast I started researching the resources that are out there for men…and there are a ton of them between whats in print and whats on podcasts.  Real quickly I started seeing some patterns; a lot of them talked about picking up girls, lots of them talked about mens fashion, others talked about sports.  Some are political.  A huge amount of these resources for men are aimed at helping you make more money, advancing your career.  I did find some shows that talked about the character of men…but every single one of them I found came at it from one particular religious philosophy or another.  Now I would never say that there’s anything wrong with that, but…it sort of leaves out everyone who may not subscribe to that particular philosophy.

So in all my looking I didn’t find one resource that focused exclusively on the character of men, that talked about being a better man today than you were yesterday for no other reason than you made a decision thats what you should do.

So, thats why I made this podcast and that’s why it is the way it is.    But the whole thing really started out with my own journey, several years ago when I decided that the thing I should do is commit myself to perpetual improvement in every possible area of my life…and I would accomplish that by simply being a better man today, than I was yesterday.  And then keep doing that every day.  I wouldn’t try to be a great man…or even a good man…but I would commit to being a better man every day.

So this podcast is a reflection of my own journey,…it’s me, inviting you to go on this journey with me.

So that’s what got us here…now back to the question;  Why should you want to be better?  Whats in it for you? What are we doing here?

Now pay attention…my whole philosophy hinges on what I’m about to tell you.  I maintain that if a man focuses on, and is committed to a pattern of constant personal improvement , if every day he makes a decision to be a better man than he was the day before…then, all the other pieces of his life will come together.  All the things I mentioned earlier will become accessible to you.

Well how does that work Alf? 

I’m going to tell you right now.

Imagine a guy like this who has first decided what kind of man he wants to be.  He has taken a good long look in the mirror and he came away with a clear picture of the kind of man he wants to become.  Then, every day he looks for opportunities that he can take advantage of that will incrementally move him closer to that image.  He is making sure he is a better man today, than he was yesterday.

Now imagine how that will affect the rest of his life…his boss will probably notice and appreciate him more, he might get a raise and more responsibility.  All of his relationships will improve because here is obviously a man that stands for something, a man that says what he means, a man that people trust and respect.  With his newfound confidence that only comes when a man truly knows his own mind romantic opportunities will increase as well. 

As you can see those are all great benefits, but it doesn’t end there.  As this man goes on, every part of his life will continue to improve…just as he continues being a better man each day.  Of course he will face adversities as every human does, but he will handle them well, and learn from them, and move on better for the experience because that’s what he is committed to.  With his network of strong relationships more and more opportunities will come his way, thats how it happens.  He eventually comes to a point where he is now living a life that he created with the strength of his own will…rather than a life that just happened to him.

And throughout this journey, every night when this man goes to bed he does so content with the knowledge that he is going to bed a better man than he was the day before, and that’s a great feeling.  But perhaps the greatest benefit, in my opinion…is the legacy this man will leave behind.  All the people he influenced, all the other men to whom he was an example.  In that way, this man has made the world a slightly better place.

So…if you ever start wondering why you should be a better man, think of this guy I just told you about.  That guy is you, if you want it to be.  It’s not a fairytale…it’s simple cause and effect.  All of those old sayings are really true…sayings like, you get out of it what you put into it.  It is so very true…you get out of life, what you put into it.  Pretty simple really…you want a better life?  Then be a better man.

I can’t really make it any more clear than that.  But that is the answer to the question…What are we doing here?

So it’s all up to you.  You have to do it all, no one can do it for you.  This podcast is here to help you keep this mission in the upper levels of your mind, so that you think about it every day…until it becomes a habit.



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