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052 – The Authentic Man



Today we are going to talk about authenticity;  what it is exactly, and why it is important for a man or anyone, to be authentic.

The dictionary tells us that to be authentic is to be real or genuine; not copied or false.  Rather to be true and accurate.

Basic common sense informs us that to be real, genuine, true and accurate are all good things right?  Then why are there so many people in the world who are not authentic?   Like with many things I think the answer to that question is rather simple.  Most people simply have not made being authentic a priority of any kind. 

If you make something a priority in your mind, then it happens.  For example, the purpose of this show is to help guys make being a better man a priority…when you listen to this three times a week it works on your brain and it becomes a priority…then it happens.

Authenticity is one of those human qualities that is expected from others, and assumed to exist even though it isn’t talked about much…which I think is kind of goofy.  That’s why I’m talking about it today.

If you have any question in your mind about wether or not you are authentic…then, you probably have some work to do on it.  If you aren’t dead stone-cold sure that you are are authentic…then you probably are not. 

If you determine that you have not been as authentic as you could be…it’s not the end of the world.  The good news is that tomorrow is a brand new day.  It’s never too late to become authentic and you can march into tomorrow armed with having authenticity as a priority in your life…now go listen to the show!

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