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045 – Tears Of A Man


The Tears Of A Man!

It’s Free For All Friday and I have some things on my mind…

The other night my wife and I watched a documentary called the Mask You Live In.  It was basically about the state of masculinity in America today.  How boys are being raised badly and then they turn into men who are all screwed up.   The mask in the title refers to the difference between what guys feel on the inside and what they project to the world…their mask.

Like most documentaries it was a little lopsided, it had an agenda.  I did agree with a lot of it…but I did not agree with some of it. 

For example, I do not agree that gender is purely a social construct, as this documentary alleges.  That men and women are exactly alike and it is society alone that establishes, identifies and maintains gender roles…and without societal influence men and women would act the same.  I think that is ridiculous.

I address all these questions in this podcast and raise some of my own.  We talk about the societal image of masculinity that is being promoted to our young people, we talk about emotions…and yes, we talk about crying. 

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