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039 – Being Wrong…Like A Man



The topic of today’s show is “being wrong…like a man.”  I realize most guys don’t like to talk about being wrong.  I definitely don’t like it myself…but, believe it or not, it’s an important skill. 

To be clear, when I say “wrong” I am not talking about a moral judgement I am using wrong as a synonym for “incorrect”.  Wrong has way less syllables so thats what I’m using.

It’s an important skill because it involves our relationships, and relationships as I’ve said before, are the most valuable thing we have.  Talking about the people we keep around us, the people we care about.

I don’t think its all about being wrong…it also has to do with being emotionally connected to being right…thats where the real problem comes in.  But either way, it causes problems between people.  It makes people bicker and squabble and fight, actually people have died over the concept of right and wrong.

In this episode I talk about a two-step process to develop the skill of being wrong…like a man. Like anything worthwhile, it isn’t easy, but it is worth it, listen and see why.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to go to the Being A Better Man Facebook page and click on the survey I have pinned to the top there.  I am going to be making some course designed specifically for men, and the questions in the survey are helping me decide what courses I should make first…based on what YOU want to know.

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