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037 – Excuses Do Not Exist!



I have mentioned in other episodes how much I dislike excuses, in fact it is even mentioned in the intro of this show that excuses do not exist.  It’s really true, I hate excuses with a deep, abiding passion…so that’s what I’m going to talk about today; excuses.  Because if we are intent on being a better man today than we were yesterday…it is imperative that we get excuses under control.

So if excuses are such a common part of being human, why do I hate them so much?  Because…they are pure weakness.  And being pure weakness they don’t do anything to improve or enhance the person making them, on the contrary…making excuses diminishes you.

I have made plenty of excuses in my own life, especially when I was a teenager.  But as I got older I started to recognize that aside from getting me out of immediate hot water, excuses were not really doing me any good.  In fact excuses started to feel like lies…which is really what they are; little lies that bend the facts of a situation to divert blame off of the person making the excuse.  So whenever you are making an excuse, you are not being totally honest.

As I have said before, a man is an example, and being a man is a responsibility.  If you are being an example to your family, kids, co-workers and friends…then don’t you want to be the best example you can?  One way to be a better example, is to not make excuses.

Something else I want to mention real quick is this…I am planning on making some actual courses that people can take, courses designed for men like strategies to build confidence, or how design your own rite of passage, things like that.  I want to make sure I design courses around things you want to learn.  If you head over to, I have a quiz pinned right at the top.  It doesn’t cost you anything to take the quiz, it just helps me out knowing where you are at.  There is a spot to write in your own idea too.  If you have not liked the Facebook page yet, there is another link just below this.  If you are reading this sometime past May of 2016, disregard, the quiz probably isn’t there anymore.but you might be able to take the courses.…

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