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036 – Perseverance & The Theory Of Manhood


Perseverance & The Theory of Manhood!  With special guest:  Eric Williams

In my opinion, Eric Williams story is one of perseverance and victory in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds.  Among many other things, In spite of being severely dyslexic in a world that doesn’t understand dyslexia, he became an accomplished author.  He has met the challenges of raising a severely autistic son.  As an American he was able to battle and win over the powers that be in the Country of Norway, to create and deliver one of that countries most popular tv shows ever, Alt For Norge!  No small feat.

One big nugget Eric gives us in this episode is his theory of manhood…I hope you listen to it, because he nails it!  I don’t want to give it all away, but it has to do with being alone and afraid.

His novel The Gift of No-Water is available on and this summer his new book Copperman will be out as an Audiobook. besides being an author Eric Williams is a husband and father of two, an avid fisherman, woodworker and artist. He is the co-creator of the award winning Norwegian TV show Alt For Norge. He currently lives and works in Oslo Norway.

And that is how I came to know Eric Williams…because I was a contestant on that Norwegian Reality TV show and the experience totally transformed my life for the better, something I am eternally grateful for.

Below is a link to Eric’s book on amazon, his email address if you want to contact him, and a youtube link to episode 1 of Alt for Norge, the Norwegian show I was on that we talk about in the episode, the concept that Eric co-created.

Eric’s Book:

Alt for Norge, season 3, Episode 1:

Eric’s Email:

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