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034 – Being Sober, Like A man


Being Sober, Like A Man!  With special guest Victor Yocco.

Today we have a compelling story, told by the man who lived it.  It is a story of addiction, followed by the victory of sobriety.  My guest, Victor Yocco has become a better man.  Since his sobriety two years ago he has accomplished many things; he has written a book, had a baby, written many articles, spoke at international conferences and much more.  But perhaps the greatest thing he has done is simply to maintain his sobriety.

Being sober, or getting sober and staying that way is no simple feat.  Alcohol will dissolve many things…among them are families, careers, and lives.  Today Victor shares his insights with us as someone who has gone through it, and lived to tell about it.

Unless we live an extremely sheltered life, we all know someone who is struggling with one addiction or another.  You may not be the person in question…but your friends or family members may be, and if you were able to help them, to nudge them in the right direction, isn’t that something you should do, as a man?

Or, maybe it is you.  If so you don’t need to dwell in shame about it, tomorrow is a new day and you can start making a difference in your life right now, just like Victor did.  What one man can do, another can do!

Below are some links that you can use to connect with victor, or read his articles, or order his new book and get 39% off with the promo code:

An article I wrote on addressing the culture of drinking in design and technology fields. Also the first time I was public about having an issue with alcohol abuse:

An article I wrote on the process I went through as I spent my first year of sobriety working in an office with a culture promoting alcohol use:

An article I wrote on the importance of asking for support:

My upcoming book on the application of psychology to design, which is available for pre-order: You can share this discount code for listeners to take 39% off at checkout yoccomupad

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