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033 – Shake Hands…Like A MAN


Shake Hands…Like A Man.  Today on Free For All Friday!

Everything we do as a man is important, everything has meaning…everything we do or say conveys something about us to someone else, or to ourself, but it’s all important.  Even the little things, like shaking hands.  I’m not talking about the bro handshake you use in more casual settings, I’m talking about the traditional style hand shake.

I have shaken guys hands and it was literally like shaking the hand of a corpse…I got nothing!  Zero grip whatsoever.I just don’t know what to make of that when it happens…to me it conveys an absolute disinterest in life itself when someone shakes hands that way.  The truth is though…they probably just don’t know it matters, because no one ever told them.  But I’m telling you right now.

In today’s episode I give you a little primer into the world of hand shaking.  I even cover shaking the hands of women, it can be tricky.

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