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028 – Handling Conflict Like A Man


Handling Conflict…Like a Man!

In this episode we talk specifically about conflict that occurs most often; the conflict between you and people you know best, your friends, family and co-workers.

Most personal conflict occurs between people who know each other fairly well, like family, friends, co-workers.  The very people we really do not want to have a problem with right? But, by virtue of our proximity to these people…those are the very ones that we wind up getting into it with, and it is our obligation…our duty as a man, in my opinion, to handle it well.

Hey it happens, as humans we can’t really avoid running into occasional conflict with other people…it is part of our human experience but the question, and the challenge is…how do we best handle it, like a man.

Most often, in my experience, these types of conflicts arise over fundamental disagreements about sensitive issues like politics, sex, religion, money, or how to raise children.

In this episode I make a confession…and I also provide you with a direction and a reason to handle this type of conflict.  It isn’t always easy, but it is possible to handle conflict like a man.

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