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025 – Hospitality is Manly!



You might be wondering how this topic could help you be a better man…in this episode I will tell you.

I will talk about the history of hospitality, why it is helpful for all parties involved, and I will introduce a different idea about it.  Many people think that the only opportunity to be hospitable is when someone comes to your house or your place of business.  I would like to present you with an entirely different notion.

 I will also give you examples of how I use it in my life.

There is more involved than just being nice and asking people if they want something to drink.   It is a habit, a habit that could improve your life and make you a better man in the process.

These times we live in are not overly hospitable.  You can walk down the street of any city and pretty much be ignored by everyone.  A woman can drop her groceries and men will walk by as though they don’t even notice.  A person can slip on the ice and nobody offers to help them up…it’s a sad thing.  Our civilization has gotten so big that hospitality seems almost obsolete.  It is not obsolete though, in fact I think we need it now more than ever.

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