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022 – Controlling Your Anger


Controlling Your Anger

So, the kind of anger I want to talk about today specifically is something a lot of guys struggle with.  This is actually a listener inspired episode, A man by the name of Scott wrote me and suggested it.  In his letter Scott shared that he has an anger problem that has been identified, and now he is determined to get it under control so that the other people in his life can be happier people.  Scott is Being A Better Man.

Anger is one of those useful emotions like fear, it can save your life in the right situation, anger is the “Fight” part of the instinctive fight or flight response while fear is the “flight” part. 

But…like fear, when it is out of control it can also wreck your life, and the lives of those around you.  For that matter when any emotion is unchecked and out of control it will cause problems…but anger in particular.

Important point here;  just because an emotion naturally exists, doesn’t mean that it’s always ok, or that it can’t get out of control, or become a bad thing.

In this episode one thing I mention is that in under a minute I did a quick search and found some resources to help with anger.  You can do the same thing.  here are the links I found:


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