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018 – Manly Routines and Hobbies.


Free For All Friday is here!

Today is special because it is the first ever LISTENER INSPIRED  episode.  What that means is a guy named Peter from Ohio, went to the web site, he clicked on Your show Ideas in the drop-down tab under CONTACT ALF.

He filled out the form, submitted it, and now we are listening to the episode that resulted.  I invite everyone to do what Peter from Ohio did if you have any specific thing you would like to hear on the show.

In this episode I am answering the following listener question:  Peter writes:  “I’d like to hear more about practical steps a man can take to be a man – specifically, what routines and hobbies a man has, and makes a conscious effort to continue, in order to better himself.  Perhaps you can also help listeners such as myself to have a better understanding of how to start some of these routines and hobbies.”

OK, so in this episode we are talking about routines; what they are, why they are important, and hobbies, and why they are important.  We are also talking about how to get started on them.

Thank you Peter for your question.  I look forward to doing more listener inspired shows in the future.  There are a couple already on-deck, but there is room for plenty more.

In the episode I mention Gregg Clunis’ podcast Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.  I encourage you to check  it out because he talks about some different beneficial things that could definitely become routines in your life, here is a link to his show:

Now go out into the world and be a better man today than you were yesterday…

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