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016 – The necessity of RESOLUTION




In today’s episode we are going to talk about having resolve…to make a resolution, which is something we MUST do if we decide to be a better man today than we were yesterday.…we have to resolve to do so, we have to make the decision or resolution before we can implement it. 

Today’s guest in my opinion is the epitome of resolution.  He is an IT guy from Michigan, a husband and a father.  He has been a successful blogger since 2002, but what he has began most recently is what got my attention.  What he has done is start a podcast.  Not just any podcast, his podcast is the physical manifestation of the resolution he made, and continues to make every day. His podcast is called “The Fat Father Chronicles”.

I strongly encourage you to check out The Fat Father Chronicles if you or anyone you know struggles with obesity or…if you struggle with anything, a resolution is a resolution.

The Fat Father Chronicles in iTunes:

The Fat Father Chronicles Website:

Resolution…it isn’t a word that we use everyday, but every time someone makes a decision to do something, they are resolving to do it…they are making a resolution.  Everyone has heard of new years resolutions…the problem is, most new years resolutions that I have ever witnessed last until sometime in February.  I might question if there was any true resolve in those cases or if they were just talking about a good idea…and calling it a resolution.

How do we make a resolution and have it stick?  How do we train ourself to actually be committed to a decision?  If you can answer these questions, and master this process, your life will be a better place, and your decision to be a better man today will yield better results.

The example of resolution that Jess brings us today is about weight, and health, things that I am sure effect a large number of you listening.  But listen up, because these same principles apply to anything you want to change…to any negative situation…before change can occur, a resolution must take place.



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