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013 – Work Ethic & Fatherhood, with Tanel Jappinen


Work Ethic & Fatherhood

Two things that go hand in hand with being a man.

Tanel Jappinen is a fellow podcaster, he produces a show called Brand New Father.   When I heard his story I really wanted to get him on the show.  He is from the country of Estonia but has worked extensively in the US.

In this podcast you will hear his inspiring tale in his own words; how he designed his life and got where he is today through good old fashioned hard work and focus.

He shares some great tips with us about how to break down life into smaller parts and focus on a couple things at a time rather than trying to think about everything at once.  He talks about the incredible journey of fatherhood, not giving up, focusing on priorities, not judging people and much more.

At just 31 years of age Tanel has learned the importance of setting priorities and focusing on them, and we can all get some value out of that example.  What one man can do…another can do.

I encourage everyone who is a father or who is going to be a father to check out his podcast:

Check out his website as well:


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