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011 – Sink or Swim?



Story Time!


(added 04/18/18)  The content from 193 episodes has yielded a product!  Not every episode, but from the Wednesday stories I tell that have a lesson attached to them.  It has been compiled into a book called, Forging A Man ~ A Collection Of True Tales, And The Lessons Wrought From Them.  It will be available in both eBook and print form, the print copy will make a fine gift as well.  Here is a link to my author page, if you only see one book, that means the print copy isn’t available yet, but it will be soon.  Oh, and please remember to leave a review on Amazon, because that makes it more visible to potential readers.  Thank you so much!      (GET THE BOOK HERE)

Every Wednesday we depart from the regular format and we have Story Time.  This is where I tell a story from my strange and interesting life, it could be funny, sad, serious, or even disturbing.  Afterwards I talk about the moral of the story…the lesson learned that pertains to being a better man.  The message is always consistent here regardless of what episode you listen to;  be a better man today, than you were yesterday.

This particular story is one from 1968, but the moral of the story is relevant to men of any age.  I hope you enjoy it.

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