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Hello men, I am Alf Herigstad, founder and host of Being A Better Man.  You can learn more about me in the 'About Alf'' section of this website if you like, but this page is dedicated what we are doing here at Being A Better Man.  This website, the blog, and the podcast all have one common mission;  helping men be better men, than they were yesterday.

Notice I said "helping".  Lets face it, listening to this podcast or reading this blog will not magically make anyone a better man.  If someone makes a decision to be a better man it has to be done by them, totally, 100%.

So what is the purpose of this podcast and blog then?  Well, for one it is a tool...a device designed to inspire, focus, motivate and assist men in not only making the decision to be better men every day but also in carrying out that mission.  Secondly, we are establishing a community.  A community of men who have decided that as men we are willing to dedicate ourselves to a path of perpetual, life-long men.



When we talk about being a better man, what are we referring to?  In a single word; character.  There are all kinds of resources out there if you want to make more money, land a prettier woman, advance your career, start a business, plant a garden, train your dog or whatever.  I sensed a void however when it came to resources that focused strictly on the character of men.  It has become such a foreign concept these days that some of you reading this might even be wondering what I am talking about.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of grown up male humans wandering around the world that don't even know what being a man means.  There was a time when being a man really meant something.  Boys spent their childhood aspiring to that day when they and everyone else would finally recognize them as a man.  Now boys sort of drift into adulthood, never sure whether they have become men yet or not because a.)  They don't know what it means, and b.)  our society has lost its rites of passage and ritual surrounding the transition from boyhood to manhood.

Part of the problem is the decay of the nuclear family.  Boys historically have learned how to be men from their fathers or some other significant role model.  Nowadays,  even in family's that are still together many fathers simply don't have time, they are too busy advancing their own careers and lives.  Other fathers only spend 4 days a month with their kids.  Others don't know what to teach their sons...because no one taught them.  In short...there is a lack of manly mentors in the world today.

In this podcast and blog we will discuss what it means, what it truly means to be a man.  We will talk about contemporary situations and challenges that face men today.  We will interview men just like you (maybe even you) from my listening audience who have made the decision to be better men.  We will talk about why we should even bother being better.  We will help hold each other accountable.  The question is who will we be accountable to?  Only ourselves, personal accountability is at the core of being a better man, that is where it begins.

It won't always be comfortable.  Like it says in the intro; your thoughts will be provoked, your ego challenged, and your character tested.  If being a better man was easy, everybody would be doing it...and they clearly aren't.



My goal is that as a result of being engaged with this Being A Better Man project men will start looking closely at their reflections in the mirror everyday and promising themselves "I will be a better man today, than I was yesterday".  Then they'll go out in the world and do it.  If this goal is reached...the world will be a better place.



The mission of this podcast is to share my experience, knowledge, and journey of being a better man today than I was yesterday, and to share it in such a way as to inspire others to join me and share that vision.


To be constantly engaged in a pattern of perpetual improvement in all areas of life while holding to the truth that everything starts with the improvement of the inner man, the self, the human.  Improvement of the inner man is attained by focusing on that improvement daily, earnestly, incrementally, and unceasingly.  The success of this daily focus is realized and measured by the ability, at the end of each day, to look into the mirror and know you are a better man than you were yesterday.


The Being A Better Man creed is rooted in personal accountability.  It is paramount that a man is accountable to himself first and foremost; above any other persons or institutions.  To ensure compliance with expectations outside of his own the man should then set standards for himself at the highest possible level.

Ultimately, it is the man who determines what and how he wants to be.  It is the man who determines for himself what behaviors are acceptable and it is the man who holds himself strictly accountable to these standards.

Should the man fail, and fall short of his own expectations he will recognize it, own it, and purpose to do better…the man will prevail against his own weakness.

The man will never, under any circumstances, make an excuse to himself or others.

The man will always be brutally honest with himself.

The man will consider it his obligation to share his strength with others whenever opportunity presents itself.

The mans biggest enemy is that part of himself that lacks ambition, and is willing to tolerate mediocrity.