110 – Guest: Angus Nelson, PART 2


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This episode features a guest,  Angus Nelson. He is a dynamic, authentic, insightful individual who was kind enough to share some wisdom with us. 

The interview went about an hour, so I broke it up into two parts.  This is Part 2, if you have not heard PART ! yet, I suggest you STOP RIGHT NOW and go listen to Part 1, episode 109.

Here is A little bit about Angus:

Angus Nelson works with executives of the world’s largest companies as a speaker, coach, and facilitator. As a speaker, he has spoken at corporate headquarters for Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, BMW and others; he hosts an Inc.com Top 20 business podcast called, “Up In Your Business”; and has been featured on Aol.com, Huffington Post, & VentureBeat. 

His book, which is gaining a great deal of notoriety is called “Love’s Compass: How Do You Recover After a Lost Relationship”.  Next April, Morgan James Publishing will release his newest book, “Empowering Work.”

I became aware of Angus through a mutual organization, and what really stuck out to me among all his other experience and talents, were his honesty and authenticity.  he has had some major transformations himself and he has lived to tell about it.


  • Every fear is an invitation to a new reality.

  • Being intentional, and the fragile male ego.

  • Having the courage to correct ourselves mid-stream..


  • Women don’t want a weak or needy man.

  • What you hear about – you think about.  What you think about – you talk about.  What you talk about you ultimately will bring about.  And much more…

The value is deep, frequent, and amazing…you may want to listen to this twice to make sure you absorb it all.

Here is a link to  the book Angus Nelson wrote; “Loves Compass”, that we talk about on the show.

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Here are the many ways you can reach out to Angus Nelson yourself:

Twitter:              https://twitter.com/angusnelson

FB – fanpage:   https://www.facebook.com/angusnelson.fanpage

Instagram:         https://instagram.com/angusnelson

Youtube:            https://www.youtube.com/user/angusnelson

Linked:              https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/angusnelson?trk=prof-sm


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