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Being better men today, than we were yesterday

Prepare to have your thoughts provoked...your ego challenged...and your character tested!

I am a man that wants to be a little better today than I was yesterday.  I want to keep doing that every day until I die.  I'm inviting others to join me in this quest.

Alf Herigstad - Founder, Being A Better Man

What's going on here? Good Question...

It's a journey, not a destination

If we are committed to being better men today than we were yesterday, it is a never ending journey.  Every tomorrow is a new today, so the effort and focus of perpetual improvement has to be re-applied day after day.  It's the journey that will make us better.

It's a community

I cannot emphasize enough how important your participation is here.  I'm just one guy, but together we are an army of men, all determined to be better men.  So comment, interact, like us on facebook and twitter, ask questions, answer involved.  The path is easier when you have friends.


If you don't have a SHOULD!  Every man can benefit from the advice and experience of other men; advice from men who have been in their shoes, men who have learned from the mistakes you are about to make.  Check out the MANTORING PROGRAM, available exclusively at Being A Better Man.